Resource Acquisition

WWF Africa’s Approach to Resource Acquisition and Strategic Partnership

WWF’s ability to make a meaningful impact throughout Africa relies on the invaluable support of its partners. It also hinges on its unique capacity to attract a sufficient, predictable, and flexible volume of contributions from a diverse array of development partners while ensuring a targeted and tangible utilization of their financial and non-financial resources. WWF Africa’s resource acquisition strategy builds on the principle that we cannot achieve significant progress without the support of various stakeholders, particularly development partners.

Furthermore, the WWF Africa Resource Acquisition team takes into account the constantly changing external environment that defines today’s funding landscape. We are dedicated to enhancing our relationships, not only with the development partners directly involved in our projects but also with a wider network of partners whose complementary assets enable us to attract more resources and achieve greater results through collaboration. We guarantee that the investments made by our development partners yield maximum returns and actively contribute to the achievement of shared objectives.

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How we work with development partners

Our development partners are integral to what we do, and we wouldn’t have achieved much without their support and guidance. WWF Africa also recognizes that our development partners provide strategic partnerships that cover financial and non-financial resources, capabilities, voice and guidance on environmental and development issues.

Recognizing this, the WWF Africa Resource Acquisition team actively engages in a series of focused activities aimed at enhancing WWF’s relationship with development and strategic partners and expanding our partnerships at both the national, regional and global levels. WWF Africa's significant knowledge, technical expertise, extensive network of partners and leadership role in the environmental and conservation-related matters continue to be valuable tools and assets that development partners can draw from. We also leverage our global network of collaborators in pursuit of these objectives.

WWF Africa welcomes development partners to not only contribute to the design of our programs but also to stay regularly informed about the accomplishments and lessons we’ve gained from them.

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