Approach to resource mobilization and partnership

WWF ROA approach to resource mobilization and partnership

WWF's ability to deliver impact across the Africa is dependent on the invaluable support of its partners, but also on its extra edge to attract adequate, more predictable and more flexible volume of contributions from a large range of partners and ensuring focused and tangible impact of their financial resources.  WWF Africa’s approach to resource mobilization is anchored on the belief that we cannot achieve much without the support of others including that of development partners. While our approach recognizes the dynamic external environment that defines the current funding landscape, WWF endeavors to strengthen its relationships with not only donors who directly support our work but also the larger constituency of partners whose complementary assets enable us to achieve more together.  Recognizing this, WWF Africa team deploys concerted efforts through a focused set of activities designed to improve WWF's relationship with donors and expand its partnerships both at the country and regional level, while leveraging on its global network of actors.

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How we work with development partners

Our development partners are integral to what we do and we wouldn’t have achieved much without their support and guidance. WWF Africa also recognizes that partners provide invaluable support to WWF and its partners, that goes beyond money. They provide strategic partnerships that covers other resources, capabilities, voice and guidance on environmental and development issues. Our partnership also affords WWF with opportunities to link with their wider constituency of partners as well as their network of influence. To this end, WWF Africa invites the involvement of donors not only in the design of our programs but also through regular communication of achievements and learning generated thereof. WWF Africa significant knowledge, technical expertise and its leadership role in the environmental and conservation-related matters continues to be valuable tools and assets that development partners can draw from. 

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