WWF’s Regional Programs bring together expertise from across the network, focusing our energy, efforts, and resources on the critical conservation issues facing the continent. These programs provide a framework for sharing lessons, catalyzing learning and collaboration, and scaling investment across national borders for regional implementation and impact. WWF embraces a “landscape approach” to strengthen inclusion, ensure connectivity, support horizontal cross sectoral integration, build lasting partnerships, and consolidate resources to enhance impact and sustainability. Land, Water and Seascapes are critical to WWF’s delivery model in Africa as they bring people back to the centre of conservation - moving far beyond the traditional protected area and species approaches to conservation – in Shared Spaces.

We work in 88 land, water, and seascapes across the continent with a special emphasis on 6 Priority Transboundary Landscapes and Seascapes in Africa

Coral Reef Rescue

Coastal Communities Initiative

SWIO Fisheries

Wildlife Crime Hubs

African Ecological Futures

Beyond Tourism and Trophy Hunting

Green Recovery and Building Forward Better

Linear Infrastructure

Natural Capital Mainstreaming

One Health Africa

Africa Adaptation Hub

African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative

Africa’s Food Future Initiative

Africa Energy Access Initiative

Blue Heart of Africa

Iconic Free Flowing Rivers Initiative

Bankable Water Solutions

Big Cats Initiative

Wildlife Connect

Greening Belt & Road Initiative

SSA Sustainable Investment Initiative

PPLS Initiative

No Plastics in Nature

Blue Futures