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LPR 2020
Living Planet Report 2019

Bending the curve of biodiversity loss

Living planet Report 2020
© Jonathan Caramanus / Green Renaissance / WWF-UK

The LPR, WWF’s flagship publication released every two years (since 1998), is a comprehensive study of trends in global biodiversity and the health of the planet.

The 2020 Living Planet Index shows an average 68% decline in global  vertebrate species populations - mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish - in less than half a century (from 1970 to 2016).

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The 2020 Living Planet Report underlines how humanity’s increasing destruction of nature is having catastrophic impacts not only on wildlife populations but also on human health and all aspects of our lives.

Diseases like COVID-19 are one of the many connections between the health of people and the planet. How humanity chooses to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, and address the looming threats from global environmental change, will influence the health and livelihoods of generations to come.

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